Ebo for the new year

Every June, the Odu of the year is pulled in Ile-Ife on behalf of the world. Though we in the Disapora do follow the word of this Odu, many groups, ours included, also pull an Odu for the new year at the end of December or beginning of January. Late post, but below are a few photos performing the ebos for the new year, mid-January 2016.

Throwing kola nut to Egbe.
Throwing kola nut to Egbe, checking to see if all is accepted, and it is – Ejife.
Offerings to Egbe,
Offerings to Egbe – Egbe takes fruits like banana and sugarcane, as well as candies, honey, gin…
Obi abata - kola nut divination
Obi abata – kola nut divination