A whole new site!

Hello, and welcome to the improved Oracle Ifa, a small house (Ile) for the study of Ifa and Orisa, headquartered in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area, led by myself, Baba Ifagbemi. I am a skilled diviner, healer and ritual leader, and my goal in all my interactions with clients and associates alike is to help you reach the highest destiny of your highest self by the shortest route possible.

This site is meant to act as a portal for the willing and interested to step into a conscious transformation of their life.

When we learn to step out of judgement and self-imposed fears, then true awakening can begin.

I invite you today to set aside fear and step out into the world and into yourself. Transform your life, equip yourself with the hidden knowledge you need to succeed and begin on the path of the study of nature (Ifa).