Beginning in 2008, Kabiessi Oba Ifagbemi began maintaining learning groups with the purpose of promoting and educating a few interested folks about the Ifa and Orisa tradition, a globally significant cultural treasure currently experiencing a renaissance in the modern world. After a bit of start-and-stop, and a lot of hard work, Ile Aala Orisa Temple is proudly evolving the learning groups into a formalized, members-only initiative serving committed and like-minded individuals. Membership is a monthly subscription of $30.

The work of Ifa and Orisa devotees leading a Temple is a daily and rigorous practice, asking equally of everyone to share in part for the benefit and improved dynamic of the whole. Thank you for your continued support as we grow, build and, with your help, lay the foundation for a strong community.

Whats in a membership?

Members can expect:

  • A discounted rate on formal divination with Kabiessi Oba Ifagbemi
  • Invitation to level-appropriate meetings for discussion and learning; can be attended long distance via video call
  • Access to upcoming classes
  • Library of oriki (prayer) for personal use
  • First-notice of in-house publications and learning materials (currently in development), and reduced rates on said materials
  • Inclusion or participation in regular ebos completed at the Temple on behalf of and for the group (performed both on a regularly scheduled basis and as needed). Baba divines and performs ebo on behalf of the group and the Temple as a whole, and membership helps support said materials – for the benefit of all
  • Access to the private/members-only Facebook group page, where you can take part in discussions, ask questions and make connections with other members
  • Availability of “office hours” with Oloye to supplement personal practice and learning on a monthly basis – just ask for an appointment to go over whatever you have questions on

Our goal is to empower the individual to succeed and promote the practice of the Ifa and Orisa tradition in a respectful and appropriate manner.