HSM (His Spiritual Majesty) The ObaRisa Obatala of America
The Atunwase Awo of Imogbara Ijesa Land
President & Chief Priest of Ile Aala Orisa Temples

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Available locally, nationally, and internationally – distance is not a determinant for divination/ritual effectiveness


“My goal is to see Ifa and Orisa practice regarded with the same respect and reverence as many other world religions and spiritual practices enjoy. I hope to dispel some of the fear and misinformation circling the tradition and shed some light on the practical truths of the practice.”

– Oba Ifagbemi

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My name is Oba Ifagbemi Faseye Efunsola (also known as Baba Ifagbemi). I am the President and Founder of Ile Aala Orisa Temples, including the comprehensive teaching umbrella and organization for our students and priests alike.

I began my formal, comparative religious study in 1998. For over 20 years now I have diligently served my community as a healer, diviner, educator, and steward of indigenous spiritual tradition.

Before becoming a respected leader in the tradition, I underwent many years of study and practice as an Ifa priest (Babalawo), communicating with the Spirit of Destiny known as Orunmila in order to divine a person’s destiny and, when needed, make edits or changes to this destiny through ritual (or, ebo). As a leader within this culture and tradition, I also specialize in various other forms of divination such as mirror and water gazing, cowry divination and other mystical spiritual disciplines in order to assist devoted seekers to find working solutions to many of life’s various challenges.

My journey in West African tradition began in the later part of 2002 while living and working a private Chinese Medicine practice in Colorado. An Orisa priestess  encouraged me towards seeking Ifa initiation as a Babalawo. Simultaneously, I had also been actively involved in Tibetan Buddhism, having received various empowerments and rituals. Along the same vein, I earned a graduate diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and mastered other traditional healing methods and respective disciplines alongside my spiritual growth. Following the advice of close mentors and gurus to study closely my ancestors’ practices, I sought and received initiation into the Ifa and Orisa traditions and societies, first as a Babalawo and eventually taking on many more roles and titles. Every teacher I have had before Ifa, including those I have had within my study of Orisa, has encouraged me to bring all of my experiences and training into the approach to my own practice while distinguishing between the differences.

My unique path both professionally and personally has laid the solid groundwork for the approach that I choose to take in coaching others such as clients, students, and community. Here in the Diaspora (Western Hemisphere), I believe we need to strike a delicate balance between preserving tradition and also progressing the tradition forward in a respectful manner. Beyond its roots in West Africa this tradition has many universal teachings that can be integrated in our modern world which I believe we all can benefit from and utilize various aspects of to create fuller lives for ourselves and the communities we live within and serve.

There is a proverb in Yoruba wisely shared by Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon of Osogbo which parallels my own humble approach to Ifa, which says: “Ti a ba ri adan, ao fi odide se’bo”, meaning “you improvise when you cannot readily find some materials for ‘sacrifice’ in a foreign land.” It is this spirit of sincerity, fluidity, adaptability, and generosity which guides my own practice that I share with people around the country.

Within my role as an internationally recognized leader of this tradition, I cultivate strong working relationships with practitioners and educators of various backgrounds, from Taoist priests, Vedic Indian Astrologers, Santeria, Umbanda, and Vodoun practitioners, to business professionals, college professors, students, families and everyone in between. I hope to make further connections with good people and devotees in the tradition as well as those curious to learn more about Ifa and Orisa, in order to promote harmony, respect, and understanding among all.

To date Ile Aala Orisa temple has initiated Ifa priests both in America and in Africa, as well as Orisa priests, and titled female and male Chiefs as ordained compassionate leaders within this growing world practice. Our Temple has facilitated ritual in many countries, including the United States, UK, Germany, Mexico, Canada, the West African region, and others.

My goal in this role is to see Ifa and Orisa practice regarded with the same respect and reverence as many other world religions and spiritual practices enjoy. I hope to dispel some of the fear and misinformation circling the tradition and shed some light on the practical truths of the practice.

It is this spirit of sincerity, fluidity, adaptability, and generosity which guides my own practice that I share with people around the country and worldwide.

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief summary of some of my background. I look forward to working with you and sharing in your own personal story.


Oba Ifagbemi Faseye Efunsola

President and Founder of Ile Aala Orisa Temples

Authority / Credentials

HSM Kabiessi ObaRisa Obatala of America

HSM Kabiessi ObaRisa Obatala of America

ObaRisa Obatala Confirmation Letter

ObaRisa Obatala Confirmation Letter

HRM Kabiessi Oba Orisa of America 1

HRM Kabiessi Oba Orisa of America 1

Oba Orisa Letter of Invitation

Oba Orisa Letter of Invitation

Atunwase of Imogbara Ijesa Land

Atunwase of Imogbara Ijesa Land

Oluwo Ifa

OluAwo Ifa


Kabiessi Ifagbemi Faseye is a deeply gifted spiritual teacher.  His extensive study of multiple systems of ancient traditions and sciences informs his understanding of Ifa through the lens of global perspective.  He is a dedicated priest, king, teacher, and leader, working tirelessly to build a community of mutual respect and understanding of our shared values.  He is also a powerful soul worker and diviner, whose advice and readings have always been completely accurate and insightful for me.  I count myself very blessed to be one of his goddaughters and students.

Ifajube Faseye

Gries, Germany

During my first experience with Ifa, I found myself asleep on the couch for the entire duration of the ritual being performed on behalf of a temple member. Kabiessi said the Ase of the ritual knocked me out. That “Ase” thing – that energy I couldn’t describe – permeated through the Orisa room and whole home, especially that night. Having been old friends reconnecting for the first time after almost ten years, my conversations with Kabiessi about Ifa continued, until one day during conversation he spoke firmly, saying, “Brother, you need to come to Ifa.  Your Ancestors are calling for you.  Do you not think that our reconnecting after all these years is a coincidence?”  In about a month, I was at the Temple making my Isefa.  Truly, my Ancestors (Egun) as well as Obatala led me to this place.  There is no doubt in my mind that what we have through Ifa, Kabieesi and the Temple is very special and is very real.  I have no regrets and would do it all over again.  For me, it’s not just being with someone who’s been my family for so long, but it’s having the means to ask questions and get specific answers.  It’s about knowing what direction to take and what corrections are needed to become the best versions of ourselves during this short visit to the “marketplace” before we return home to our Ancestors. I’m very happy I looked into it.


Oloye Otun Ifamuwagun Faseye

Baba Mero ObaRisa Obatala of America, California State
I have known Kabiyesi Ifagbemi Faseye Efunsola for well over 20 years. During this time I bare witness to his diligent studies, travels, and sacrifices in order to traditionally and legitimately learn the Ifá and Orisa tradition.
With over 28 trips to West Africa learning and becoming highly proficient in the tradition, has been blessed to be accepted and adopted into various families and becoming their direct lineage heads here in the United States.
As the first traditional Royal Oba in the United States, he has brought these many elements together, as directed by his elders and Baba’s to formulate his own lineage.
I have the honor and privilege of seeing his grand rising from his beginning in Ifá to his most recent trips where he went through the traditional rituals of becoming an Oba (King) in both  Benin Kingdom and from the highest source of Obatala in the world in Nigeria. As the first traditional African American Oba, he will go down in history in a very powerful way.

Oloye Ifawole Oladeji Efuntade, Baba Oso ObaRisa Obatala of America

Oklahoma State, Inner Konscious Spiritual Center - Ile Ifá Oladeji
Kabiessi and Olori treated us with open arms from minute 1. I truly admired the fact that he’s very straightforward and means business. Although his many titles hold numerous accolades, Kabiessi is still down to Earth. The Ashe in this temple is very strong as it begins from the top and trickles down. Kabiessi is the leader that desires his Iyas and Babas to grow, more in the spiritual connection, and less on the craft.  If the spiritual connection is strong with GREAT CHARACTER, then the skills will grow stronger as well. Modupe for your lessons and listening ears. Ase o!

Ifawemimo Faseye and Ifafunke Faseye

Florida State

I have had the privilege of knowing Kabiyesi Ifagbemi Faseye Efunsola for 4 years now, and it that time I have found him to be a priest of very high ethical standards and a deep knowledge of Yoruba Traditional Ifá – Òrìṣà with his 28 trips to various parts of Nigeria and Benin and his multitude of initiations there. What impressed me also was that Oba Faseye really took the time to research, study and learn the tradition and has amassed a deep and effective working knowledge of the principles and practice of Ifá and Òrìṣà. He is both a scholar and daily practitioner of the faith and is always ready and willing to do the work that is necessary.  I have had the privilege of consulting with him on many a situation of a client or godchild over the years and I have always received a thoughtful response. I have on many occasions, that required onsite ebos or ceremonies for clients or godchildren in the Florida, referred them to him with wonderful results. I myself participated in 2 initiations at his compound in Florida, including being initiated within his Iledi as an Ogboni member and later Apena. I also received Olóòkun from his Ile and it has manifested many positive changes in my religious life and practice. Oba Faseye has become a brother, a mentor and a dear friend that I trust and have the utmost respect for him, Olori (his wife) and the wonderful religious people he has surrounded himself with. Ifá agbe wa’ooo!

Babalawo Jean-Jerome Baudry / Ifalodun AP

Toronto, Canada
Like many African Americans I had a strong desire to learn about Ifa and African Traditional Religions.  Also like many I searched for several years for a Babalawo and Ifa family that was inline with my values of community, peace and power and at the same time was part of the traditional West African lineage.  Being a person that values science along side spirituality, I found it difficult to settle down with a Babalawo. Upon meeting Oba Ifagbemi I realized that I found everything that I was looking for in an Ifa family.  His experience and knowledge of Ifa is unlike anyone I’ve ever met in person.

Babalorisa Orisagbemi Ifatoba Faseye

Florida State

It can be a challenge learning a new practice. The first conversation I had with Kabiessi a rapport was built. Although it felt like I was all over the place attempting to explain my call to Ifa, Kabiessi was assuring, professional, and knowledgeable thus creating ease around my growth in Ifa. I have been with his Ile for approximately a year now and his candor, warmth, and diligence is welcoming as well as familial. I have enjoyed my time growing in the Ile and I look forward to deepening my practice with such a well rounded teacher, friend, and Baba.

Iyalorisa Olufunke Faseye

Texas State

I have had the wonderful experience of working with Kabiyesi for at least 9 years now. My first reading with Kabiyesi was enlightening and informative. As a spiritual teacher he is very caring and thorough. I have continued my Ifa studies under his tutelage and haven’t been dissatisfied once in all of these years. He is fair and truthful. It is a blessing to have someone so wise about the Ifa spirituality practice right here in America. If you are interested in exploring meaningful spirituality then Kabiyesi is definitely the spiritual advisor to see.

Ifasemiloore Ifagbure Faseye

Iyalode, Washington State


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