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One need not wait for a problem to arise to seek the solution

People of all cultures, personal backgrounds and walks of life come seek knowledge or direction through divination everyday. One such traditional divination system is the Yoruba method known as Ifa.

Consulting Ifa will allow you to access hidden knowledge about your life. Being able to trust the inherent ‘knowing’ that we all possess allows us to take back our own personal power, which is according to Ifa and Yoruba philosophy, our given birthright. This divination method provides you with greater knowledge of self and utilizes various tools and rituals to assist you with actualizing and manifesting the desires of your life from a place of inner knowing and guided wisdom.

This foreknowledge, when combined with following spiritual discipline in the form of prescribed ritual, gives us back our self-confidence, joy and inner peace. Coupled with this knowledge, we can be, do, and experience our fullest destiny. The clarity given through divination with a competent diviner will help you to reassess your life and reaffirm your intent, in turn deepening your own ability to be compassionate, loving and forgiving of yourself as well as everyone and everything in existence.

So why does one consult Ifa?

Access hidden knowledge and change the course if needed

Actualize and manifest the desires of your life from a place of inner knowing and guided wisdom. Analyze relevant information pertaining to your present, past and potential, and apply the information received to treat or assess possible challenges in all areas of your life. Forewarned is forearmed when change or opportunity comes knocking.

Decision making

While most rudimentary questions of life can be answered with common sense and preparedness, there are often times when a decision is big enough to warrant divinatory assistance. It is recommended for these situations to determine in advance if a full reading is necessary, or if simple yes/no questions will suffice to establish a fulfilling, positive outcome.

Personal & Spiritual development and evolution

Spiritual development prepares and enables us for advancement, so we do not continue repeating the same existence over and over again. When we are locked into a pattern of being or stuck in old habits, we cannot live in the moment, and therefor risk missing out on a fulfilled life.

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There are a few types of consultations available, depending on your goal. Click through our current options here to read more about each.

$ 120 / 1 hr 15 mins max

Consultations consist of a general overview of the current life situation/question with a focus on achieving deeper insight into a person’s overall destiny. You receive a sign (Odu) that is influencing and guiding your current situation and the energy surrounding you.
The length of the consultation is maximum 1 hour 15 minutes, starting with a brief orientation and rapport-building followed by the divination. It is as in depth as needed to cover all the messages for you at the time of the consultation.
Traditional and modern diasporal remedies known as ebo will be recommended to support the reading. Yes/No questions can be asked by the individual during the reading as well as questions for more clarity or understanding.

$ 140 / 1 hr 15 mins max

An Ifa consult is the superior method of divination; however the Yoruba acknowledge and practice other forms of divination for added benefit to the messages of Ifa.
A consult with numerology merges classic consultation with personal and universal energies cast through Ifa.
Life path number; year number; karmic number; and projecting for auspicious times to embark on big projects are all discussed during a consultation with numerology.

$ 50 / 5 questions

Sometimes we don’t need a full Ifa consultation. Instead we may know precisely the question(s) we need answered.
Questions should be as concrete and detailed as possible to receive the best possible answer. Remember: answers given are only as good as questions asked!
For complex inquiries – feel free to work with Kabiessi Ifagbemi to determine the best way to form and present a question in order to get the most effective use out of each question.

Answers to ‘yes/no’ questions are just as accurate as a full reading

$ 60 / 30 minutes

Applicable only within two months of a full consultation.

For those that have previously had a full consultation a follow-up allows for a deeper dive or a refresh on a topic discussed during the initial consultation or because of a circumstantial change or update to a situation related to or discussed in the initial consultation or to ask a question related to timing on a venture.

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Kabiessi Ifagbemi is not a psychic or spirit medium. Ifa is a pragmatic spiritual science and study of how things come into existence codified a millennia ago by Orunmila Bara Agboniregun (spirit of destiny). It is revealed to Babalawos in the form of what we call “odu” (oh-dew). There are 256 such possible combinations (odu) which can occur when we consult Ifa. Odu is sometimes referred to as the womb, dark matter consciousness, or that which is unseen. This detailed and pointed study of nature through unveiling and interpreting various signs and symbols contained in allegory is what we call Ifa, or the wisdom of nature. Kabiessi Ifagbemi is sought after and known for his insight and advice, which he gives based on the study of the world through the lens of traditional and modern day West African cosmology, and related through his multi-cultural perspective.

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Once payment is received, if we have not already determined a time for the reading, I will contact you within 24 hours in order to schedule a mutually convenient time for the consultation. Most readings last an average of one hour, but can run longer, especially if this is your first reading.

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