• Cultivating Healthy Intention in African Wisdom Traditions

    Eepa Orisa!

    Eku Ose Obatala today. Blessings on this day of veneration of Obatala the divinity of clarity, prosperity, light, abundance and great wisdom.

    Obatala is said to control Aba and Ase. Aba is imagination or intention, while Ase is manifestation, and fruition of our imagination. Obatala teaches us what it means to be fullimg_0931y human, including our imperfections, as well as how to cultivate the mind to live well.

    As you think, so shall you live. As the co-architect of your destiny and by the thought forms of your own mind, your life and the things you have or lack are entirely your own responsibility to bear. Spiritual practice is intended to show you where you are.

    So many times we get caught up in the details of our lives and we lose track of the small miracles and blessings in our lives; or we make evaluations or judgments of our practice, thinking things like, “I am still struggling”, or “Nothing in my life has improved”.

    Is that really true?

    I always encourage people to pray. Prayer is free and can be done anywhere and with no exertion whatsoever. But, how do you know what prayers are being answered and when? How do you know what prayers are truly in alignment with your destiny?

    Perhaps a job promotion or raise didn’t come through for you; maybe the spouse you have been praying for and seeking hasn’t made an appearance. We need to be honest with ourselves and ask, are we truly in alignment with what we are asking for? Does our lifestyle, thinking, feeling, being, acting, etc truly attract the things we are asking for?

    It is easy to say “yes, I’m doing all those things correctly.” Then why the constant complaining and crisis? It is very easy to fall into feeling dissatisfied over what one believes to be the lack of tangible results; but if asked what has been done to encourage personal progress, are the answers in the final analysis vague? There is practice and being engaged, and then there is proper practice and proper engagement. Which is yours?

    The next time you find yourself dissatisfied or distraught by life’s little twists and turns, take a step back. Say a little prayer. Give yourself a moment to evaluate and be gracious. In this tradition as in life you get out what you put in. If you come to your spiritual practice with doubt, jealousy, dishonesty, skepticism, negativity or knowing-it-all, your progress and personal life will reflect as much. No one can teach you that which you already know.

    These are good things to be thinking about as we all do our own “inner work” with intention and mindfulness.

    Our temple’s prayer to Obatala today is:

    Eepa Orisa, Orisa Eepa! Ogbe omo re o soo daje. O ni ki won rerin in, won rerin in.
    He stands by his children, and makes them materially prosperous. He gives them cause for laughter, and they laugh.

    May our lives and inner alignment give us cause for prosperity and laughter. Ase


    Chief Ifagbemi Faseye

  • Ebo for the new year

    Every June, the Odu of the year is pulled in Ile-Ife on behalf of the world. Though we in the Disapora do follow the word of this Odu, many groups, ours included, also pull an Odu for the new year at the end of December or beginning of January. Late post, but below are a few photos performing the ebos for the new year, mid-January 2016.

    Throwing kola nut to Egbe.
    Throwing kola nut to Egbe, checking to see if all is accepted, and it is – Ejife.
    Offerings to Egbe,
    Offerings to Egbe – Egbe takes fruits like banana and sugarcane, as well as candies, honey, gin…
    Obi abata - kola nut divination
    Obi abata – kola nut divination
  • Harvest the Moon

    Greetings friends,

    This Sunday September 27, 2015 is significant for moon watchers and spiritual practitioners alike – the moon is full, the moon is eclipsing for the final time this year, and the moon will be at its closest point in its orbit around Earth. This unique combination lends to a reddish hue on the moon, giving it the name “blood moon”. This particular lunar event is happening for the first time in over 30 years, with the last time being a supermoon eclipse in 1982, making Sunday’s event worth staying up to sneak a glimpse of.

    >> Read more on the first super moon eclipse in 32 years

    Assuming it isn’t too cloudy where you are, you can watch the lunar event beginning around 9:07 PM, EST, and peaking around 10:47 PM, EST. After that, the extra bright, extra close moon will be visible through Monday.

    Red Moon - Super Moon - Lunar Eclipse
    Red Moon – Super Moon – Lunar Eclipse

    The lunar event occurring this weekend coincides with Ose Obatala day according to the Yoruba calendar of Ifa and Orisa worship. Obatala represents Creation – the action or process of bringing something into existence. Obatala is an Orisa that represents light emerging out of darkness; he also represents expansion.


    Our emotions wax and wane – just like the moon. The full moon often reflects a time of reaping the benefit of hard work (fruition, harvesting). While the new moon can help us to ponder on about planting seeds for growth, the full moon will amplify and bring to the forefront (fruition) whatever is going on in body, mind and heart. The eclipse occurring on a full moon like this can be utilized to assist us in analyzing what is or is not working and bringing ourselves into a new balance.


    Let us not forget that Obatala is the embodiment of purity within a conscious existence – “the struggle for perfection in a flawed universe”. This more than anything highlights the power of our minds (as Obatala is the owner of all heads, and hence the mind) to choose a path, take a path, and transform on that path, that journey and toward that destination. Now is a good time to reflect and ask  – what path am I on and am I,  are my ancestors, is my inner essence satisfied with the transformation I am undertaking on this path.


    If the weather permits, I invite you all to take some time, alone or with your spiritual group, to take a walk (or a walking meditation) outside to soak in some of this rich harvest moon’s light. And if the weather’s not cooperating, don’t worry! Meditate just the same – cleaning out those mental cobwebs, making room for bringing to fruition whatever is needed on your path and preparing to send away that which is no longer needed. Enjoy!

    Ire o,

    Baba Ifagbemi

  • Transform

    A whole new site!

    Hello, and welcome to the improved Oracle Ifa, a small house (Ile) for the study of Ifa and Orisa, headquartered in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area, led by myself, Baba Ifagbemi. I am a skilled diviner, healer and ritual leader, and my goal in all my interactions with clients and associates alike is to help you reach the highest destiny of your highest self by the shortest route possible.

    This site is meant to act as a portal for the willing and interested to step into a conscious transformation of their life.

    When we learn to step out of judgement and self-imposed fears, then true awakening can begin.

    I invite you today to set aside fear and step out into the world and into yourself. Transform your life, equip yourself with the hidden knowledge you need to succeed and begin on the path of the study of nature (Ifa).