Baba Ifagbemi is the Founder and Head Priest of the Faseye Institute for the Study of Nature. He has served as a Healer and Diviner of indigenous spiritual traditions for many years, beginning with formal initiation into Tibetan Buddhism, Sanatana Dharma, and eventually transitioning into the ancestral West African traditions of Nigeria. Currently he is initiated into several priesthoods within the Ifa system, a few to mention here includes Ifa, Obatala/Osun, Ogboni ( Iledi Ogboni Ode Remo), and Egungun. He has also earned a graduate diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and mastered other traditional healing methods alongside his spiritual growth. His experience both professionally and personally has laid the solid ground work for the strong community leader that he is today.

While continually learning from the wisdom of his Ifa elders both in Nigeria and America, Baba Ifagbemi practices and teaches the essence of Ifa in it’s Universal Language which brings a uniquely balanced and holistic approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit.​


Baba Ifagbemi’s goal in establishing the Faseye Institute is to foster life-affirming practices that assists clients, and godchildren worldwide by integrating various aspects of the sacred science of Ifa into their day-to-day lives. This is accomplished through healing rituals, initiations, ceremonies, workshops, speaking engagements, and interfacing with the community on a grassroots level.